What To Expect
Warren has filmed for the BBC but trusts his guidance of spirit and only when he feels TV or Radio work to be in the best intention of Spirit will he take on further filming.
Just because a door is present does not mean it is one we must enter.

 Community Events

Warren has over 100 venues across the UK in Community Centres, Town Halls, pubs, hotels, Social Clubs and other venues taking to the road to bring his communication and love for the spirit world to local venues. He is fast approaching being one of the best and well known Mediums in the UK.
His love for spirit, the communication and connections he brings can be seen in every message.
Warren conducts theatres across the UK and also abroad in the coming future .
During these theatre events Warren allows your loved ones to draw close and bring back that communication of love.
Warren has a warm, calm and sarcastic stage presences and with his accuracy and evidence he is one of the most entertaining Mediums in the UK.
Warren runs workshops and training seminars across the UK (request only).
His unique style of Mediumship comes from his unique style of training and teaching. 
A questionaire is given out to all pupils and only on correct answers given will you receive the instructions and teachings from Warren himself.
Even though spiritual development is open to all Warren is a strong believer that only with the right intention will you gain the right result.

Church services /Specials and corporate 

Can be booked by contacting Warren on Facebook or email: [email protected]

@ home with Spirit Parties  and
Private Readings
A one to one reading or a private party are booked via Warren depending on available time, 
so please be patient on your requests.
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Demonstrating the differences between photo readings and spirit communication